20 most anticipated tours of 2020

2019 was a momentous year for metal album releases, which means 2020 is set to be a belter for tours. So here’s Grater’s 20 most anticipated tours of Australia in 2020. Well, technically there haven’t been many announcements beyond June, but nonetheless… And to prove this list is legitimate and comes solely from our dark little hearts, we haven’t posted tickets links (forget the fact that nobody wants to pay us).

20. Atreyu

It’s been well over three years since metalcore legends Atreyu last hit our shores. What’s even crazier is that they’ve been around since 1999. February 26 – March 1.

19. Iron Maiden

Held in the same esteem as Black Sabbath, Judas Priest and Motörhead, Iron Maiden are a staple of UK metal. They’ve also got Killswitch Engage as supports. Enough said. May 1 – 13.

18. Scorpions & Whitesnake

You either heard Rock You Like A Hurricane and Here I Go Again in a bar growing up or you heard them on the car radio in GTA Vice City. This is set to be a party and a half. February 19 – 27.

17. Void of Vision

Void of Vision are ready to share their 2019 album ‘Hyperdaze’ with the country, and with Diamond Construct in tow, you best bring your ear plugs. February 14 – 29.

16. L7

Don’t worry about Billie Eilish and Co. channelling the 90s – L7 are the real fucking deal and they’re here in May. So lace up your Docs, throw on your flannel and enjoy some grungy tunes from one of the originals. May 20 – 29.

15. Skindred

Who knows what genre Skindred is? Skindred probably don’t even know. But they are funky and heavy as hell, plus they do a quality video from time to time – like this one. Special guests Otep are also a major drawcard. February 18 – 23.

14. Traces

The band from Tamworth have released some catchy as fuck songs and it’s quite a treat to watch a band develop their sound. January 17 – 30.

13. Corrosion of Conformity

Corrosion of Conformity haven’t been to Australia in six years, so you best get down to see Woody, Pepper and Co. if you’re a sucker for American heavy metal. February 4 – 12.

12. Obituary

Obituary are considered one of the pioneers of death metal and with a discography ten albums long, fans are going to have a field day. January 15 – 19.

11. Carcass

Carcass are the grindcore godfathers, with over 30 years of developing and crafting their sound to what it is today. Whether it was inventing gore-grind (‘Reek of Putrefaction’, ‘Symphonies of Sickness’) or creating the template for melodic death metal (‘Heartwork’), Carcass has always made records by which bars were set and rules were broken. March 20 – 28.

10. Earth Rot

French label Season of Mist just can’t put a foot wrong at the moment, serving up some of the filthiest music to the unwashed masses. Australia’s Earth Rot is a newer jewel in their crusty crown, and one not to miss. It’s hateful, harmful, sinister and melancholy noise, shaped by the world around you. March 6 – 9.

9. Knocked Loose

Knocked Loose made it onto many ‘best of 2019’ lists – and for good reason. The boys don’t fuck about with their take on hardcore. They’ve also brought Jesus Piece along for the ride. January 11 – 19.

8. Beastwars

Many picture New Zealand as cloudy, green and dotted with sheep. But Beastwars sludge the scenery up with a sound that gives NOLA bands a run for their money. February 6 – 8.

7. Tiny Moving Parts

Besides being really chill guys, TMP have some serious talent on the axe and skins (too much?). Their math-rock, post-hardcore music is meaningful, catchy and melancholic. Keep an eye out for that banjo too. January 24 – February 2.

6. Parkway Drive

The Byron Bay boys have one of the best stage shows going right now and it wouldn’t be surprising if they sell out all of their shows. Also, Hatebreed and Every Time I Die are coming along for the ride – just don’t get too close to the flames. June 13 – 24.

5. John Garcia & The Band Of Gold

The voice of American stoner rock and one of the men behind Kyuss, John Garcia knows how to set the mood. Like a fine wine (or cannabis strain), Garcia is only getting better with age, and apart from him and his band being talented as hell, the guy’s a vet tech in his spare time. January 23 – 28.

4. Tool

After 13 long years, Tool finally came through for their fans last year with album ‘Fear Inoculum’. Take a look at the setlist for their first 2020 show for some clues on what they might play for Australian audiences. Also, don’t take your phone out of your pocket during the show, unless you want to find out what Stinkfist really means. February 14 – 23.

3. Polaris

How do you have fun and be full of anger at the same show? Ask Polaris, who have built up a loyal following over the years with their crazy moshpits and walls of death. Polaris have enlisted Wage War, Crystal Lake and Alphawolf on their warpath. February 21 – 29.

2. Jinjer

Jinjer hail from Ukraine, one of Europe’s poorest countries with a sparse metal scene. They were also displaced from their town when Russia decided military intervention was a top idea. Despite all that, the prog band are kicking arse all over the world with a relentless schedule. This will be their first trip to Australia, and if you’ve heard Tatiana’s voice or the guys’ guitar and drum work, you’ve probably already got a ticket. March 3 – 7.

1. Cattle Decapitation

Given the current state of affairs, it feels almost dirty looking forward to Cattle Decapitation’s ‘Death Atlas’ live, which is essentially about the destruction of the world. Whether they’re being honest or just being pessimistic is for listeners to decide, but those shrieks and that instrumentation is going to tear people apart. February 13 – 26.

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