Metal journalism is fucked. We’re here to help fix it.

The genre is 50 years old, and yet in that time, only a handful of publications have given the music the care it deserves. Unfortunately, the problem is not as simple as spelling mistakes. Shit, we can even look past the horrific grammar. It’s the clickbait, artist defamation and plagiarism. It’s the cult of personality – when the site owner thinks people give a shit about seeing how many famous bands they’ve met.

Perhaps the biggest sin of them all: some publications are run by either social justice warriors or right-wing nutjobs, tainting coverage with their worldview instead of allowing the music to be political or apolitical.

If you demand a better standard of metal journalism, Grater is for you. Grater is an Australian-based, internationally-focused heavy music publication. From death, black and thrash metal to hardcore, metalcore and deathcore, we don’t deal in pop punk and indie. Run by a qualified journalist and lifelong metalhead, we’re also one of the only Australian heavies to pay staff.

And yes, there’s still time for fun, fuckers. Rehab has begun.



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Anne-Laure Marie

Jose Sanchez


Jose Zamora

John Morrow

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