Abramelin’s track by track guide to ‘Never Enough Snuff’

Australian death metal pioneers Abramelin have released their first album in 20 years, ‘Never Enough Snuff’. In order to crawl inside this ten-track cesspool of snuff films, decapitation, skinning, necrophilia, demonic possession and being torn apart from the inside, Grater tracked down founder, lyricist and vocalist Simon Dower.

1. Never Enough Snuff

Never Enough Snuff is pretty straightforward – it’s about doing a snuff film. It was the first song I wrote when we started rehearsing again.  The guys went through the existing songs we knew and Tim’s like, ‘Ive got a new song’.  And of course, when they start jamming a new song, I’ve gotta sit there and twiddle my thumbs, so I thought, ‘Fuck it, if they’re going to start on a new song, then I’m going to start on a new song’.  So I smashed Never Enough Snuff in probably 15 to 20 minutes without really changing anything from what it is on the final album.”  

2. Knife Play

Knife Play is pretty much an extension of that.  It’s just a perpetrator tying someone up and hacking them to bits.”

3. Full Gore Whore

Full Gore Whore is about a teenage girl who’s a murdering machine and she gets snaffled up by the government and then dropped overseas to go and kill the enemy, so all she wants to do is just kill, kill, kill.  A lyric in there is: ‘Why waste such a weapon, let’s not hesitate / Unleash this child on foreign soil / Let her bath in blood, let her mutilate’.  Which is what she goes and does.” 

4. Moondogs

Moondogs is just my werewolf ditty.”

5. The Peeler

The Peeler is my homage to Ed Gein or Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw – a dude who peels flesh off people and likes to wear it.”

6. Horror-zontal

“The character in Horror-zontal came to me in a meditative dream type state as a dark figure that comes and visits you in your sleep but then appears in the body in a physical format and then actually starts ripping you apart from inside.”

7. Play With Your Prey

“I wanted to ensure that everyone had a crack at killing and had to think about how that would work with kids. Play With Your Prey is sort of inspired by Cronenberg’s “The Brood”, but with my own sinister twist.” 

8. Sparagmos

Sparagmos is an old Greek word which means ‘ritual disembowelment’. Which is a little bit of an extension for an old song that we had called Invocation about summoning demonic forces and then it all goes sideways and then you end up possessed and fucked up, and that’s essentially what happens in Sparagmos as well.”

9. Headfuck

Headfuck is a homage to Edward Lee.  He’s got a series of books called Header, which are about taking a drill and punching a hole in someone’s head and having sex with it.  When you read it, you go: ‘That song’s a bit of a head fuck’, and you read it and go: ‘No, actually it’s about fucking someone in the head.”

Sweet dreams…

10. Pleasures

“The story behind Pleasures is that when we toured down in Tassie, we were walking down the street and we were having a bit of a chin wag and we said, ‘What about if we re-record ‘Deadspeak’ and did it as a full band? And we’re like, ‘Yeah’.  And then we thought, ‘Well maybe we could do it when we record the new album’?  Instead of doing the whole thing, which is too long, the compromise was: ‘Let’s pick a track off Deadspeak and we’ll re-record that as a full band.  So we picked Pleasures.”

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Never Enough Snuff is out now via Bandcamp and streaming platforms

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