Advent Sorrow vocalist ‘fires’ band members

A disagreement between members of Perth black metal band Advent Sorrow has blown up publicly, with vocalist Rhys King posting on the band’s Facebook page that he was firing his three bandmates.

Drummer Martin Donnelly, guitarist Hrodrik Andre Segovia and keyboardist Tom Langridge responded on Advent Sorrow’s Instagram and Twitter pages with a threat of legal action and accused King of having National Socialist (Nazi) beliefs.

King denied the accusation.

“The drummer M.D, keyboardist T.L and guitarist Hr.S will no longer be playing live together with Advent Sorrow in the future,” King wrote.

“I thank them for playing live with me over the years, and for the great times that we have had.

“This will not affect the music at all.

“As most of you know I have written the music of Advent Sorrow, created the concept, managed the band and therefore I will continue making music under the name of Advent Sorrow.

“I have been living in a completely different country than them for the last 4 years, and this has not affected me creating music.

“The change of the live line-up will not affect the future or sound of the band.

“I became part of the band when I was 19, young and idealistic.

“It was unrecognisable – the name had been chosen but not much else was going on.

“The rest of the band were happy to sit back and let me do the hard work.

“In the past few months communications have broken down.

“I intend to continue the band and hope that you will be there to support me to continue to make music and play live.”

Advent Sorrow formed in 2009, with King becoming frontman in 2011.

Donnelly, Segovia and Langridge said King was attempting a takeover and were assessing their options.

“We would like to clear the record and say that Rhys is attempting a takeover of the band against the wishes of all other members,” they wrote on Instagram and Twitter.

“There is a lot we could say but we have decided to let the law speak for itself, we are seeking legal counsel and will hopefully have good news for you soon.

“We have recently learned that Rhys has NS ideologies which do not align with our vision and we will no longer work with him.”

King denied the Nazism accusation, saying it was an attempt to steal his work.

“These snails that used to be my friends have seen fit to drag my name through mud in an attempt to steal my work.

“They did so while I was sleeping and couldn’t respond. It isn’t even close to the truth.

“I am not N.S. There is no intent to make Advent Sorrow political.

“I flirt with military aesthetics as countless bands have before me, and if you’re well-versed in the scene you will know this – what’s new?

“They loved the label, art and music videos when I made them.

“They pretend it’s a revelation and lie in an attempt to turn people against me because it’s worked against other bands in the past.

“The truth is that the disagreement is over an ultimatum I had with M.D and Hr.S – I have no desire to go into the details but it was about recognising me as the sole contributor to the band.

“I wrote the songs and performed them, so when you listen to the albums you hear me.

“You may dislike that it involves money, sure, but it’s the truth. T.L was kicked out months ago due to his actions and M.D. and Hr.S were onboard because they realised that the band would die if I didn’t write all the songs for them.

“He’s salty and bitter so don’t mind him, but I don’t wish harm to him as he has attempted to harm me.

“I apologise on their behalf because this bullshit is childish.

“I don’t intend to keep slinging mud at them, so don’t expect me to react further.

“I welcome them to continue to produce music, but not at the expense of sacrificing the name that I have worked so hard to make over many years.”

Both parties were contacted for comment but did not respond.

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