Agnostic Front release 12th album ‘Get Loud!’

New York hardcore pioneers Agnostic Front have released their 12th studio album, ‘Get Loud!’

“I’m so excited to see Get Loud! out now,” vocalist Roger Miret says.

“I love this record which I feel is a fantastic compilation of our career!

“There is a little something for everyone that’s been with us from the start! Such a strong solid record.”

Get Loud! is compiled of 14 tracks that are nothing short of classic, home grown, New York hardcore, but still includes some thrashy and punky variety. 

The album was produced by Roger Miret, while long time friend Paul Miner handled the recording, mixing and mastering of the record at Buzzbomb Studio in Orange, California. 

For the artwork, the band returned to 1986’s ‘Cause For Alarm’ artist Sean Taggart. 

It features the iconic CFA characters combined with a modern freshness.

Get Loud! is well suited as the title for their 12th, full length studio album. 

Although the sociopolitical climate has transformed considerably since the release of the United Blood EP in 1983, the basic concepts of political corruption and social unrest have only been enhanced, and with them the fuel on Agnostic Front’s fire. 

“We’ve always had a voice; had a lot to say. We’re always screaming for a change,” says Miret. 

“Speak up, get loud, say what you have to say. 

“Be the change you want to see in the world. 

“You can’t change the whole thing, but you can make little differences that will matter, eventually.”

The title track carries a common message for the entire album. 

It’s a moody and riveting version of: “Speak up, aren’t you sick of the same day to day routine? It’s time to make that change and stop climbing up that same exact wall. That’s what Get Loud! is all about,” says Miret. 

Songs like I Remember are important glimpses into the lives of the men of Agnostic Front and thus tie in strongly with their recent release of Ian McFarland’s Documentary, ‘The Godfathers Of Hardcore’.

Although it was written after the release of the film, the track serves almost as a theme song for the documentary in which Miret and founding guitarist Vinnie Stigma recall their pasts and their most groundbreaking records; even first meeting one another. 

Songs like Conquer And Divide speak to the current state of where we as humans are today. 

“It’s like all the government has ever wanted is to divide the people, and then come in and conquer. 

“I see it happening today; social media is a huge let down in that way. 

“Now everyone has a voice, and I get it, but I can’t believe how quickly some people are willing to jump headfirst into something that doesn’t care about them,” Miret explains. 

“Power of expression, power of the mind, freedom of speech, live free or die, stand up and resist, gotta fight to exist, break down the walls that divide.”

An old school band in a new era can be an adjustment, but there’s something to be said for the technological advances that have enabled Agnostic Front to write this new album, even with distances between the core members of the band. 

Ideas, lyrics, and riffs were tossed around amongst the guys in a digital universe, and once solid skeletons were formed, the final portion of the writing, the finessing, and the recording began in person. 

Produced by Miret himself, longtime friend Paul Miner of Buzz Bomb Studios then tracked, recorded, mixed, and mastered the album. 

“Something real. I think that’s the secret to our longevity. 

“People see us, and they see something that’s real and genuine, and they want to be a part of that. 

“Who wants to be a part of something that’s fake? 

“If you feel a connection to something and it feels real, you wanna know about it and be a part of it.”

Get Loud! is out now via Nuclear Blast.

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