Album review: Fuck The Facts – Pleine Noirceur

Pleine Noirceur is a genuine artistic achievement that is made with loving care and meticulously considered impacts

Grindcore, by its very definition, can be a limiting genre. Intense, fast, and brutally heavy with songs lasting usually less than a mere minute, it was the furthest extreme of punk rock and metal, two of its major building blocks. Besides the few acts that stuck to the rigid framework with militant precision, many of both the pioneering and modern grind bands have had an enormous progressive streak (but not in a prog rock kind of way) that has pushed them to incorporate many different sounds and ways to interpret this sub-sonic sub-genre that now has many, many shades.

Whether it be the monster that is Pig Destroyer, the ever-evolving Napalm Death, the crust punk-infused Trap Them, or the terrifying universe of Wormrot, the leading lights of the underground have turned grind into a bona fide art form, and with amazing results. Right in the inner circle lies the Canadian powder keg, Fuck The Facts, one of the most interesting finds that emerged in 1999. Over nine weighty albums and a carnival of demos, splits, and EPs, they have stretched their collective fingers into the furthest reaches of the grind universe. At this point in their career, they still have all the aesthetics and style of grindcore, but the music is so much more. The only style that they truly fit into now is ‘Fuck The Facts’, a sound all of their own making. 

On Pleine Noirceur, we see a group matured to the point of absolute clarity that feed off each other, and play visceral, intense, and DARK material. There are bursts of double-bass speed, but only when the song calls for it and with tasteful grooves. Songs like “A Dying Light” and the title track prowl at an almost drone-meets-shoegaze pace, but those grind kicks just put an injection of adrenaline directly into the proceedings and the flow is always totally on-point. 

The energy throughout, blasting or no, is completely off the charts and is so palpable that the listener feels like they’re right in the studio with the band, feeding off the electric energy of the performance, mopping the sweat from their brow. Like many of their contemporaries, they can reach levels of complete epic emotion, but they also trawl the dirty streets of the mind – a dark, dark place. And somehow, almost too easily, they do it all while kicking incredible amounts of arse. 

Pleine Noirceur is a genuine artistic achievement that is made with loving care and meticulously considered impacts, a roar to the universe in this year where we all feel like roaring sometimes. Allow Fuck The Facts to be your punishing soundtrack to 2020, because it is the most honest and cathartic music you will hear this year. And we need this. 

Rating: 5 out of 5.

FFO: Pig Destroyer, Cloud Rat, Wormrot

Pleine Noirceur is out November 20 via Noise Salvation

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