Album review: Make Them Suffer – How To Survive A Funeral

This album has something for everyone that likes heavy music – brutal metal, djenty grooves and gorgeous melodies

Fans of Make Them Suffer will know the band tread the line between frenetic, circle pit-encouraging metal and gorgeous melodic choruses, but ‘How To Survive A Funeral’ takes it to another level.

Following the ambient intro, the ferocity begins immediately with the mostly instrumental and short Step One. This makes way into Falling Ashes, which will ignite many a circle pit when played live. Jordan Mather’s relentless double kicker drumming in the track is incredible, as are Sean Harmanis’ angry spitting and guttural screams.

Bones slows the album down a bit, and while the song was obviously written well before Minneapolis man George Floyd’s recent tragic death, how incredibly fitting is a song that starts with Harmanis screaming: “I can’t breathe”. This song has a djenty feel and finishes with a gorgeous melodic cry of “Take from me my bones”.

Two of the singles, Drown With Me and Erase Me, are incredible highlights. Starting with screams of “Come drown with me”, the nautical-themed song moves into brutal riffs and creepy keyboard. Soon enough we get the beautiful, siren-like chorus from clean vocalist Booka Nile: “Take my hand / Don’t be scared / Drown with me if you can.” This song is a perfect example of the way this band contrasts Nile’s vocals with brutal screams and instrumentation. Also, the breakdown will induce your best stank face. 

Erase Me gets back to frantic and has a Polaris feel in its verses.  It has yet another gorgeous melodic chorus where Nile sings: “But you’re waiting patiently for something worth saving / I’ve broken you enough so don’t hate me”. Harmanis says the song is about pushing someone away and wondering whether that was a selfish or selfless thing to do: “So here’s to all our mistakes / Euthanise what’s you and I / Smother us with cyanide”.

Third single Soul Decay is also a great song, but after the brilliance of the other two singles, it doesn’t have anything extra that makes it stand out from the other two. It is a song that once again has a great breakdown, a fantastic chorus and will get listeners moshing. Mention must be made of Fake Your Own Death, which is an angry, chugging metal song with piercing guitars and a Slipknot feel.

Finishing out the album is title track, How To Survive A Funeral, which has a mix of squealing guitars, electronic riffs, a sugary, uplifting chorus and a soulful keyboard outro.  Another incredible highlight is The Attendant, which is a soulful slow burner and has more clean melodies than any other song. It will be an incredible sing-along addition to live sets. The album finishes with the industrial and electronic That’s Just Life, which gets back to the heavy.

This album is brilliant. Each song brings something to it and nothing is out of place or unnecessary. There is something for everyone that likes heavy music – brutal metal, djenty grooves and gorgeous melodies. Get around this album; it’ll be your next most played. 

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How To Survive A Funeral is out digitally on June 19 and physically on July 10 via Greyscale Records



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