Asking Alexandria’s Danny Worsnop talks solo material and Aussie acoustic appearances

At the helm of Brit-metalcore outfit Asking Alexandria, we know vocalist Danny Worsnop has got the goods. Stripped and performing acoustic renditions of some of their greatest songs like Alone In A Room, Worsnop’s talents boast a whole new level.  But as a solo artist, performing mellow rock songs with a country twang, we’re about to see a whole new side to Worsnop that we didn’t know existed, as he tours Australia in support of the other love of his life – country and blues.

“I’m releasing some new music right before these shows,” says Worsnop. “These shows could be the first place anyone hears this new music.  The way I’ve evolved as a song writer, as a creator during the process of this, I’ve kind of blended all these different styles of new music and I want to incorporate this more. To do songs normally and then do this… I don’t know, I don’t know how to best describe it!”  Overthinking his new solo material is not a good idea for Worsnop – in this case, emotion must outweigh logic.  

In case you were wondering, Worsnop’s solo material is as far removed from anything he’s ever done with Asking Alexandria as he could get. “It’s a totally different genre,” he says. “For anyone who is new to me as a solo artist, I was an artist myself for about seven years before Asking Alexandria formed – I kind of am going back to my roots with this.” Worsnop at this point quickly falls into an extensive back story to his journey up to this point, and it’s not like anything you would have expected. “Three or four years ago I release my first record as a solo artist.  At the time I’d moved to Nashville and gotten very caught up in that world – it was very much a country music album. People were like, ‘That’s ridiculous, you’re the singer of a metal band!’  I was like, ‘I’ve been the singer of a metal band for seven years – I’ve been doing this music for about 18 years!’  Then it went number one everywhere.”

Worsnop has certainly tried to keep things mixed up a little, gravitating back toward Asking Alexandria’s metal mayhem once more before he undertook some more solo material of a more blues-rock vein – and he’s good at it. As a creative chameleon, it’s the diversity in sound that Worsnop actively hunts that keeps him satisfied. “Anyone who’s looking for a reference of what it [new album] is going to be like, it kind of references Shades Of Blue, but it’s also more – more guitar, a lot more energetic, a lot more exciting, and a lot of ballads on the album that aren’t presented like that live – it’s a totally different experience.  So, for me, one of my favourite things when I’ve been to concerts is when artists will do something different – they take a song you know, you can sing along with it, but it’s a whole new experience. You’re not listening to the album version; you’re hearing something different. So, I took that idea and applied it to these shows.”

In terms of these acoustic shows being a new experience for listeners, Worsnop mentions the Australian tour will be an example of his progression as a singer, songwriter and performer – that in itself is an all new experience. For Worsnop, it’s an all-new feeling to have a confidence and understanding that what he’s doing now is so different to what he did those earlier days on his own in Nashville.  “With doing the solo songs as I have, it’s been… 20-something years. I’ve been playing shows longer than that, too.  It’s not a new-found confidence, it’s more that I know that I am the best that I have been because I’m working on it every single day.  The same as an athlete says, ‘I’ve never been better than where I’m at now’ because they’ve worked their arse off – that’s the same with me with where I’m at right now. I’ve been treating this as a discipline, writing songs every day for many years, and I feel like where I’m at now is a turning moment in my career.  I’m able to do things now that I was never able to do before. I’ve so many more tools in my arsenal now. All those things combined have created something that means I am able to deliver something more than I’ve ever been able to deliver before.”

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