Aus death metal pioneers Abramelin announce first album in 20 years

Arguably the pioneers of death metal in Australia, Abramelin have announced their first album in 20 years.

The Melbourne five-piece will release their new material, ‘Never Enough Snuff’, in May and have given fans a taste with the first single, Full Gore Whore.

Full Gore Whore is a grisly allegory about an unstoppable killing machine that happens to be a teenage girl.

After killing everyone she comes across, the government get their hands on her, sending her overseas to slaughter the enemy in a covert operation.

According to the band, the album recording process took them longer than expected but they are very happy with the result.

“I know it’s been a lazy 20 years between albums but better late than never eh?

“We tried working with some brilliant local engineers to begin with but just weren’t getting the sound we wanted, so in the end we decided to send the recording overseas to be mixed and mastered by none other than the man himself, Mr Dan Swanö at Unisound (has worked with Bloodbath, Dark Funeral, Dissection, Incantation, Marduk, Malevolent Creation, just to name a few).

“… Sally at Hedrush, who created the art for the self-titled and Deadspeak albums, is handling design while the cover art itself is a pretty wild photo shoot we did a while ago that should definitely get people talking.

“Inspired by the lyrics of “Never Enough Snuff”, it is in itself a work of dark art with special effects make-up by Lee Norris and photography by Martin Reddy Photography.

“Massive thanks to our fans that have patiently waited two decades for this release, we sincerely hope that you are shocked, horrified, appalled and thoroughly brutalised by “Never Enough Snuff” when you finally get to experience it.”

Originally formed as Acheron in 1988 by vocalist Simon Dower and then guitarist David Abbott, the band changed their name in in the early 1990s due to a clash with an international act of the same name.

Tim Aldrige joined the band in 1989 and quickly became the main writer of music for the band, while Dower handled the grotesque lyrics.

Abramelin was a powerful, driving force in the 1990s, playing alongside a host of well-known Aussie acts from various genres, as well as international metal giants like Morbid Angel, Cradle of Filth, Cannibal Corpse, Carcass and Paradise Lost.

Although at the top of their game and in high demand, the band decided to take a break in 2003 – one that would last 14 years.

Fast forward to 2017 and Abramelin was back.

Original members Simon Dower and Tim Aldridge are still on board, with ex-Abramelin guitarist and music contributor Rob “Wog” Mollica (Earth) now picking up the bass.

They also have guitarist Matt Wilcock (Ackercocke) and drummer David Hayley (Psycroptic) is on board ripping out the blast beats.

Never Enough Snuff is out in May.

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