Aussies in the arts lose $340m to COVID-19, survey says

Australians employed in the arts sector have lost a combined $340 million due to COVID-19-related restrictions, a recent survey by I Lost My Gig Australia says.

Released on March 14, the ILMG survey reveals 12,624 respondents have missed out on $339,932,285 due to the pandemic and the subsequent shutdowns.

However, the amount lost could be much higher given about 250,000 people are employed in the arts.

New South Wales workers were the worst affected, reporting over $132.2m in lost income, while Victorians weren’t far behind on $121.1m.

Queenslanders were the third worst off, losing $44.5m worth of opportunities.

Workers from Western Australia claimed $22.1m in lost revenue, South Australians have lost $7.6m, Tasmania lost $5.6m, ACT missed out on $2.6m and Northern Territory stated $2.3m in lost earnings.

ILMG is an initiative of the Australian Festivals Association (AFA) and the Australian Music Industry Network (AMIN).

ILMG was established as a short-term quick response data capture project to quantify the immediate impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Australia’s live event and entertainment industries.

These are people working across a number of interlocking industries – largely sole traders, casuals and contractors.

These people often live gig-to-gig and rely on bringing people together for their livelihoods, including artists, managers, production crew, technical workers, venue operators and workers, festival operators, booking and ticketing agencies, marketing and promotions companies, music press outlets and more.

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