Austrian noise rock group BUG release new album ‘Nunc finis’

Austrian noise rock group BUG have released their ninth album, Nunc finis, via Rock Is Hell Records.

“Global warming. Trump. Coronavirus. New normal. We are living in interesting times. It is one minute before midnight on the doomsday watch,” the band says.

“Nunc finis means end of time, end times or end now.

“And if you buy the ticket, you gonna take the ride.

“Nunc finis is more or less a reminiscence to the good old days of classic noise rock.

“Stoic basslines and mathy drumming converge with guitar feedbacks and insane growling.

“The postmodern times we live in are confirmed by a mash up of upbeat, distortion, doom, death rock and our beloved 3/4 Walzer tact.

“File under brutal, gritty, tense, destructive, harsh noise rock onslaught, hard hitting, raging, guitar-driven noise, experimental meaty rock, for friends of the sick.”

According to BUG, Nunc finis is all about Hass gegen Rechts, mercy killing, loss, heartache, darkness, pain and hate as a gift (“Leftovers”).

The song “QAnon” dissects obscure far right conspiracy theories.

“Happy pills” deals with loneliness, depression, alienation and more hate.

The “Remission song” is an ode to forgiveness and salvation in times of ethnic cleansing.

“Amadeus” tells the tale of their fellow countryman Amadeus (not Mozart) who gets Frühpension at age 40 and then works as a whore chauffeur, undertaker, privateer and more.

The record was created in winter 2019/2020.

BUG has played their brand of black, post, doom, blues, sludge, and avant-garde metal for over two decades.

Their stoic mentality combined with a strong DIY ethic and live shows has made them an Austrian underground favourite.

The band says they are “musically hard to categorise, unwilling to follow suit a certain genre, BUG has always been part of the no scene.

Unable to be trendy they are stuck in kind of musical autism.

Their lyrics are about pitch black nihilism, political satire and every day madness.

BUG have done shows since 1997 and shared stages with punk/noise/avant-garde rock underground bands like Flipper, Unsane and Oxbow.

BUG have released nine records with the help of fellow Austrian labels like Rock Is Hell, Interstellar and Noise Appeal.

Nunc finis is out now via Rock Is Hell

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