Bloodfeast Ritual release debut EP Altars of Sacrifice

Los Angeles death shredders Bloodfest Ritual have unleashed their debut EP, Altars of Sacrifice.

A five-track introduction ranging from technical death metal to melodic shred, the release’s lyrical content shares the trio’s love for 80s horror movies, HP Lovecraft, and general blasphemy.

“This EP is a love letter to death metal.

“Old school, modern, technical and brutal; we love all of the aspects of death metal as a genre, and we wanted to show that with this EP. 

“We tried to display our influences by dramatically changing the vibe of each song.”

The EP’s opener “Grave Fodder” resurrects the dead with its shred, guttural vocals and slamming assault of 90s influenced Swedish death metal. 

This is followed by “Eternally Molested By The One Most Foul”, where listeners can expect a guitar nerd’s wet dream as guitarists Michael Bala and Hunter Gurney showcase the rippage with four excitable solos.

“No More Room In Hell” is a salute to Dawn of The Dead and hits fans of old school Carcass and Cannibal Corpse with its brutal slam section, while “Chopped Up and Burned” is a tribute to The Evil Dead and has many hints of early 90s death metal.

EP closer “Fetid Offering”, was the first song written by guitarist Hunter Gurney for the band and is about the video game Bloodborne.

Track Listing
1. Grave Fodder (4:27)
2. Eternally Molested By The One Most Foul (4:46)
3. No More Room In Hell (4:40)
4. Chopped Up And Burned (3:39)
5. Fetid Offering (3:21)
EP Length: 20:56

Altars of Sacrifice is out now via Bandcamp and streaming services

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