Carcass to headline Slayfest 2020

Slayfest is returning in 2020 to deliver another massive night of brutality for heavy music fans in the west and headlining the event will be the forefathers of grindcore, Carcass.

Carcass have spent over 30 years developing and crafting their sound to what it is today, releasing several classic albums in that time and changing the trajectory of extreme metal with each consecutive release.

Whether it was inventing gore-grind (‘Reek of Putrefaction’ and ‘Symphonies of Sickness’) or creating the template for melodic death metal (‘Heartwork’), Carcass have always made records by which bars were set and rules were broken.

Joining Carcass in the first line-up announcement and primed to deliver sets of total slayhem will be the triumphant return of Perth metal legends Black Steel, Infected, and Plague, who are all reuniting for Slayfest in 2020.

Then there’s Adelaide’s thrash/death metallers Truth Corroded and the local brigade of Battlesword, Steelmaster, Dethlahem and 9 Foot Super Soldier.

Plus Hornography Perth Metal Club fire up the Karaoke Thunder Dungeon upstairs in Capitol for punters to unleash the vocal demons within, with a selection of metal favourites and classics on hand to bring out the inner rock star.

Stay tuned for a second line up announcement.

Slayfest 2020 is on March 28 at Amplifier Capitol, Perth.  Tickets on sale December 5.

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