Cattle Decapitation raise $26k for fire decimated Aussie wildlife sanctuary

Cattle Decapitation have raised almost A$26,000 for Cobargo Wildlife Sanctuary which was destroyed by the recent bush fires in Australia.

After seeing the disaster unfold from the US just prior to starting their February Australian tour, the band looked to friends and merchandise stores to see how they could help.

Vocalist Travis Ryan worked with Australian friend, animal rights activist and actor Ashley Avci (Housos, Fat Pizza) to find an organisation desperate for help and linked up with merch stores and their promoter to create unique merch and VIP ticket upgrades.

The band, along with Indie Merch Store, Make Merchandise, Imprint Merch, Destroy All Lines and fans all pitched in time or money.

“We have some good news to impart to you all!” the band stated today.

“Cattle Decapitation along with (merchandisers, promoters) and most importantly – you, our awesome fans – were able to raise $25,965 AUD for Cobargo Wildlife Sanctuary who had their facility destroyed in the recent Australian bush fires which ended up in the loss of the lives of 150 animals on their sanctuary.

“The sales of the t-shirts and the profits from the meet and greet attendees will help them rebuild which they’re busy doing now amidst the world’s chaos!

“Thank you to everyone who bought a shirt and attended the meet and greets!”

Cobargo Wildlife Sanctuary said they were proud to have the band’s help.

“The support to help us rebuild Cobargo Wildlife Sanctuary has been worldwide and from some interesting sources.

“We are so proud to have USA heavy metal band Cattle Decapitation … contact us and offer assistance through proceeds from the sale of a special wildlife t shirt and their VIP upgrade.

“Mainstream musicians they are not, but extremely talented and one of the most significant forces in the extreme metal spectre they are.

“Their songs protest the mistreatment of animals, the ethics of eating meat and the abuse of the environment as a powerful antithesis to their name Cattle Decapitation.

“Travis, the band, Ashley and everyone involved, thank you.”

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