Crematory release new video ‘When The Children Cry’

German pioneers of European gothic metal Crematory showcase another facet of their manifold spectrum with the release of their cover version of “When The Children Cry”, along with an atmospheric audio-visual.
Crematory is well known for their harsh wave of industrial metal and gothic dimness, but this cover version proves they are maintaining versatility in the latest stage of their long career.

Especially in dark times, the popular track originally performed by White Lion regains significance, reveals a light in the night, and appeals to the people’s hope.

The black and white music video presents both their passion for music and the melodic side of Crematory’s musical identity.

Their latest release Unbroken connects all shades – on the one hand underlining the significance of strength and determination, while on the other, remaining faithful to the darker and existential roots of the scene the band was born in the 1990s.

“To shorten the time without live music caused by the Coronavirus, we recorded this cover version of White Lion’s “When The Children Cry”, to show that we are still here for our fans and supporters,” the band says.

Unbroken is out now via Napalm Records

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