Crowbar Brisbane and The Brightside are merging

Crowbar Brisbane and The Brightside have announced they are merging into one venue in 2020.

According to The Music, the two venues will integrate into one space at The Brightside’s current address.

The venue will keep the Crowbar Brisbane name and the outdoor stage, currently known as The Valley Drive In, will be rebranded as The Brightside. 

Crowbar general manager Tyla Dombroski said they are looking forward to working together to grow the scene.

“We all realise what values we have to bring to the table to help grow the scenes and industry we are a part of and working together towards those goals is only going to make them achievable in a bigger and faster capacity,” Dombroski said.

“We can’t wait to start this new chapter with The Brightside team.”

The Brightside’s Jesse Barbera said the merger of the businesses will benefit Brisbane.

“Their brand building ability, marketing sense, and amazing relationships are some of the best in Australia.

“This merger of like minded independent music businesses will provide a really bright future for Brisbane and eventually Australia’s music community.

“We couldn’t be happier with this partnership.” 

The venue will undergo renovations leading up to its relaunch.

Crowbar Brisbane’s current site will cease operation in early January with Comeback Kid’s gig on January 4 seeing the venue out, while The Brightside will wrap up its five-year run with a closing party on December 28 and a Taking Back Saturday club night on December 31.

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