Death metal supergroup Umbra Vitae announce debut album

Death metal supergroup Umbra Vitae, which features Converge, ex-Hatebreed and ex-Job For A Cowboy members, have announced their debut album.

The group are releasing ‘Shadow Of Life’ on May 1, and in the meantime, the first single, Return to Zero, is streaming now.

Umbra Vitae was conceived during Wear Your Wounds rehearsals; with all members having roots in heavy music, the band would often warm up playing aggressive riffs.

Jacob Bannon (Converge, WYW, Blood From the Soul), Mike Mckenzie (The Red Chord, WYW, Stomach Earth) and Sean Martin (WYW, Twitching Tongues, ex-Hatebreed) soon recruited Greg Weeks (The Red Chord, Labor Hex), and Jon Rice (Uncle Acid, Job For a Cowboy) for the rhythm section and a new band was born.

Vocalist Jacob Bannon said the band was informed by Georg Heym’s 1912 poem Umbra Vitae.

“After reading the piece from Heym, I immediately felt connected to it,” he said. 

“Later, while working on the previous Wear Your Wounds album, my love for death metal was rekindled. 

“This was likely a reaction to working on non-aggressive music for such a concentrated period. 

“As these songs started to form, the ominous nature of that original poem came to mind.

“In many ways it embodied the character of what we were all creating together. 

“For me, Umbra Vitae is darkly confrontational and my own internal struggles are nested within each song. 

“At this point in my life it is of the utmost importance to use this art and music as the vehicle for a healthy purge of emotion. 

“By design, even in something this intense, there is righteous intent to be a better human through the process of creating it.”
Recorded and mixed by Kurt Ballou at God City Studios (with guitars and bass recorded by McKenzie at The Black Coast), Shadow Of Life is Umbra Vitae’s ten song debut.  

Driven by traditional death metal riffage coupled with swift percussion, Shadow Of Life is an all-encompassing entry point for Umbra Vitae.

Unpredictable and unrelenting, the songs traverse from blackened to brutal.

Track listing
1.  Decadence Dissolves
2.  Ethereal Emptiness
3.  Atheist Aesthetic
4.  Mantra of Madness
5.  Fear is a Fossil
6.  Polluted Paradise
7.  Intimate Inferno
8.  Return to Zero
9.  Blood Blossom
10.  Shadow of Life

Shadow Of Life is out May 1 via Deathwish Inc

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