DragonForce logo designer Jean-Pascal Fournier accused of disembowelling father

Jean-Pascal Fournier, an artist known for his work on a number of metal logos and album covers including DragonForce’s iconic logo, has been arrested for the alleged murder of his father, Jean-Paul Fournier.

According to French publication LeParisien, Jean-Paul Fournier, 80, was found dead at his home in the small town of Gières (Isère) on Wednesday night, disembowelled and his head pierced by an arrow.

Jean-Pascal Fournier, 47, allegedly fled the scene and drove his car from the top of a cliff on Wednesday night along the road which leads to the Col de Vence, in the Chartreuse massif.

The vehicle was discovered by residents on Thursday morning with no one inside.

Police went to the scene and rescuers of the high mountain gendarmerie platoon (PGHM) of Isère were called in.

Police and gendarmerie forces in the region were then placed on alert to find Jean-Pascal Fournier.

On Thursday afternoon, Jean-Pascal Fournier reportedly attempted suicide by jumping from a bridge into the Isère river in the town of Saint-Martin-d’Hères.

He was recovered by firefighters on the bank and police were alerted.

The suspect, who was not injured, was then taken by investigators to the Grenoble police station where he was placed in police custody.

Jean-Pascal Fournier has worked on many CD covers and logos for bands including Avantasia, DragonForce and Powerquest.

More to come.

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