Dream Theater are touring Australia in April

Progressive music titans Dream Theater have just announced their Australian tour for April.

Featuring a celebration of the band’s latest record, ‘Distance Over Time’, as well as ‘Metropolis Part 2: Scenes From A Memory’, the tour will see the band perform their full and complete three hour set for audiences throughout Australia.

“For those of you who were there when we premiered Scenes From A Memory live in Europe 20 years ago, this will not only be a trip down memory lane but also the chance to see it presented in a completely new light and the way it was always intended to be,” guitarist John Petrucci said.

“Our updated presentation has all-new animated video content depicting the characters and storyline through the entire show as they’ve never been ‘scene’ before!

“For those of our fans who were either not born yet, too young, or had not yet been introduced to DT 20 years ago, this will be a fresh opportunity to experience Scenes live for the first time in its entirety. We can’t wait to perform for all of you!”

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