Ebonivory announce new album ‘The Long Dream I’ for June

Ballarat prog experimenters Ebonivory have announced their new album, ‘The Long Dream I’ will be out on June 5.

The first of a two-part concept album, The Long Dream I is entirely-self produced, mastered by Forrester Savell (Karnivool), and led by singer Charlie Powlett’s emotionally powerful delivery.

It shifts from the punk-inspired moments of Hanmer Street into the gritty, futuristic soundscapes of Explosions After Dark, and transcendental riffs and passages of Introvection, all the while maintaining cohesive melodic bonds, resembling a sequence of dreams.

Frontman Charlie Powlett said they were beaming with excitement that the record would finally see the light of day.

“Entirely self-produced over the course of 4 years, ‘The Long Dream’ became infused with self-referential hardship and internal disaster that only further serves its story. 

“Every song presents a completely unique reimagining of what progressive music is capable of, while maintaining cohesive melodic bonds like a sequence of dreams that makes perfect sense, but only until you commit it to words. 

“It is a twisting journey that weaves through depression and elation; past, present, and future. 

“This album is the cornerstone of Ebonivory. It encompasses everything we are passionate about as a band, and represents our leap of faith into the raging storm that is the modern music industry.”

Composer and multi-instrumentalist Powlett formed Ebonivory in 2014, later joined by long-time musical collaborators and childhood friends Jake Ewings (guitar), Louis Edwards (guitar, backing vocals), Connor McMillan (bass, backing vocals), and David Parkes (drums, percussion). 

Their early releases – ‘Ebonivory I – EP’ (2014), ‘The Only Constant’ (2015), ‘Ebonivory II – EP’ (2016) – became Australian progressive cult-classics, employing a unique distillation of progressive metal, alternative rock, post-hardcore, and modern punk.

1. Introduction
2. Hanmer Street
3. Persist
4. Patting the Black Dog
5. Cats
6. A Colour I’m Blind To
7. Sea Sons
8. In Reverie
9. Window Man
10. Explosions After Dark
11. Tales of Termina
12. The Bluegums
13. Introvection  

 The Long Dream I is out June 5 via Wild Thing Records.  

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