Facing The Gallows release new video ‘Blackening’

Facing The Gallows have released their new video and single, “Blackening”.

The band said when writing the song, it felt like the words were already there and they just needed to bring them their own darkness.

“This rage, anger – a sense of anxiety as each word spilled onto the page – was fluent without any pause to think.

“We mentioned before that the political climate in South Africa is horrific.

“It is something we cannot escape no matter the distraction.

“We live in a violent, controlled, corrupt, and fear encouraged country.”

They reference one verse in particular:

“I’ve had enough of this / The murder, the bloodshed, the burning of bodies, the violence, the hunger, the deaths of our kin / Disorder through order, as the kings lead their sheep, divided and conquered, they prey on the weak.”

This is what Facing The Gallows see on a daily basis.

The title is a narration of someone witnessing everything outside that circle.

“Things are not okay. What is going on around the world has magnified that tenfold especially in South Africa.

“There are people who want to keep you down, who want to control you, who want you divided, who want you distracted from what is really the problem.

“And it is them, they’re the poison, they’re the ones playing the game with real people’s lives.

“They are the problem, not us and we’ve had enough of it.”

Blackening is out now via Out Of Line Music

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