“Fuck you sound guy”: Ronnie Radke vents at Sydney show

Falling In Reverse frontman Ronnie Radke vented his frustration at a sound technician at a Sydney concert on the weekend after fans said they couldn’t hear him.

In footage captured at Good Things Festival at Centennial Park on Saturday, Radke appeared on stage but there was no music playing.

He repeatedly asked the crowd if they could hear him and banged his microphone on the speakers.

“What is going on? The fuck is that?” he said.

The crowd then started chanting “Turn it up”, to which Radke replied, “You hear those motherfuckers?”

He said it was the second day in a row he had experienced sound problems, playing at Melbourne’s Flemington Racecourse the previous day.

“Thats the second day in a row with this bullshit.

“Sydney – it’s not our fault. We fucking love you. I’m very sorry right now.

“We have to cut another fucking song. This is ridiculous.

“We’re not playing until the sound’s better.”

Radke then aimed his frustration at the sound technician.

“Fuck you sound guy, you motherfucker. Yeah fuck you. I will fight you.”

The band then start playing their next song, Rolling Stone.

Radke later took to Twitter to address the issue.

“It’s a show. Giving the crowd what they want.

“16 hour flight for my fans to walk onto stage two days in a row to fans telling me they can’t hear us…”

At this stage, it is unclear what the exact issue was.

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