Ghost Vodka say rock band Ghost are taking legal action against them

UK vodka maker Ghost Vodka are saying that Swedish band Ghost and its mastermind Tobias Forge are taking legal action against them over their company name.

The company took to Facebook on May 10 saying they had received legal correspondence.

“Recently we were rather bemused to receive legal correspondence on behalf of the Swedish band Ghost and their lead singer, Tobias Fitta Forge, informing us of action they wish to take against us for…..um….making vodka.

“As if 2020 wasn’t strange enough already.

“We will keep everyone up to date with developments on this matter as they happen because, if nothing else, we could all do with a good laugh at the moment.

“We hope everyone is keeping safe at the current time.

“Our distillery will shortly begin producing our next batch of delicious vodka and we hope you can all enjoy one of our Ghost cocktails again once this madness has passed.

“p.s. don’t worry Tobias Fitta, the next batch won’t be releasing any rock albums either.”

The company took to Facebook again on May 13 to further explain the situation.

“No, we have never used the band’s image to promote our product. There is no ‘deleted post’.

“Yes, they are suing us solely based upon our name Ghost Vodka and the apparent confusion between their gin and our vodka.

“See if you can spot the not so subtle differences between the two products.

“No, it’s not ok if it’s your second cousin.

“Thanks for all the support we’ve received so far. It means a lot.

“We’re a small business and this is the last thing we needed in the current situation.

“Once these clowns are out the way and and the lockdown eases we look forward to getting back to doing what we do best; making damn tasty vodka.”

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