Hinayana announce ‘Death Of The Cosmic’ EP

Texas-based melodic death-doom metal unit Hinayana are poised to release their next musical offering – Death Of The Cosmic EP – set for release on August 28.

Today, Hinayana are introducing their new and improved sound to the world via “Cold Conception”, featuring trailblazing late Tengger Cavalry frontman and multi-instrumentalist Nature Ganganbaigal on Morin Khuur (horsehead fiddle).

Hinayana have been turning heads in the metal scene since their formation in 2014, starting out as a one-man band spearheaded by frontman Casey Hurd.

After releasing their 2018 full-length Order Divine, they secured the attention of Napalm Records.

“While writing “Cold Conception”, I wanted to create something more energetic than the other tracks on the EP while keeping the mid-paced, brooding/rhythmic sound that I enjoy writing the most,” vocalist and guitarist Casey Hurd says.

“The song is about the aimless, cold, modern world man has created and somehow wandered into at the same time, and the accelerating journey to reach a point of no return where many civilizations have collapsed in the past.

“I’m honored to have been able to work with Nature Ganganbaigal of Tengger Cavalry on this track before he passed away, he was excited and enthusiastic about the project.

“The track features his horsehead fiddle playing, creating some of the most sorrowful and bittersweet moments the band has ever produced on this track alone, so much so that we all got goosebumps listening to his parts in the studio during the mixing process.”

Death Of The Cosmic is out August 28 via Napalm Records

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