‘I will never perform or speak to them again’: Dino Cazares on ex-Fear Factory members

Fear Factory co-founder and guitarist Dino Cazares says he will never perform or speak with some former members of the band again.

Cazares made the statement on Twitter on May 30.

“This has gone beyond the courthouse, People’s lives and careers continue to be ruined.

“I will not ever and I mean never perform or speak to them again.”

The members in question are likely former drummer Raymond Herrera and former bassist and guitarist Christian Wolbers, who Cazares says have filed a lawsuit preventing current members from rebooting Fear Factory.

Cazares also discussed the band’s future on a recent episode of Nuclear Blast’s Saturday Night Lockdown, hosted by Fleshgod Apocalypse drummer and vocalist Francesco Paoli.

“At the moment, the last three years, unfortunately, Fear Factory has been plagued with lawsuits, so it has been preventing the band from doing anything for the last three years,” Cazares said.

Asked if he thought Fear Factory would be able to make a comeback in the future, Cazares remained positive.

“We’ll see. I can’t say yes or no, but I’m gonna be very positive and I hope in the near future that things will change.”

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