Imonolith, featuring ex-Devin Townsend Project bassist and drummer, announce debut album

Imonolith have announced their debut album, ‘State of Being’, will be out March 27.

The record is releasing via Imonolith Music and the announcement comes with the second single/video, Instinct.
Featuring drummer Ryan ‘RVP’ Van Poederooyen (Devin Townsend Project) guitarist Brian ‘Beav’ Wadell (Devin Townsend Project), Jon Howard (Threat Signal), guitarist Kai Huppunen (Methods of Mayhem, Noise Therapy) and Scott Whalen (Econoline Crush), Imonolith is a collective of heavy hitting players and Instinct serves as a taster of what can expected on their debut album.

State of Being features 10 hook-laden, riff-heavy tracks including Hollow, the debut single that racked up 216,000 Spotify streams in 2019.

There are also two special guest performances from Jens Kidman of Meshuggah and Swedish vocalist Johannes Eckerström.
Having spent much of 2019 writing, arranging, recording and fine-tuning State of Being, the band worked hard to make an engaging heavy metal album.

“We spent a lot of time making this record,” Van Poederooyen said.

“We wanted it to be done the way we envisioned it.

“We didn’t cut any corners, from the song writing right up to the album production and artwork.

“It’s a debut album that we’re very proud of and excited for the world to hear.”
Van Poederooyen said the high production video to “Instinct” is an example of the band’s quality aesthetic, but it also serves as a look at Imonolith’s collective personality.

“I think we raised the bar with the ‘Instinct’ video,” he said.

“It’s a different kind of video that’ll catch you off guard in a few ways.

“It can also be interpreted differently depending on the viewer.

“We put a lot of thought into it and hired great visionary people to make it a fun watch.’’
Imonolith will be touring globally for the next two years and have announced their first ever UK/EU headline dates, commencing on March 27 in Sheffield, UK.

“To be able to take a brand-new band overseas and have the opportunity to headline shows is completely mind blowing!” Wadell said.

“And we plan on making every show count, this is a dream situation for us.”

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