Interview: Bloody Sadism’s Pooyan Ahmadi one year on from debut ‘Eloquent Atrocity’

It’s been just over a year since Iranian one-man-metal-band Pooyan Ahmadi/Bloody Sadism released debut record, Eloquent Atrocity. It was definitely one of the more disturbing records to emerge from the death metal depths in recent years, so we wanted to ask some follow up questions.

Eloquent Atrocity turned one this month, so any new songs in the works?

“Yeah, I’m working on that. Although I can’t explain about it and the exact date for the new stuff but I can say that it’ll be much heavier and sicker than the debut songs … another gently born brutality.”

Eloquent Atrocity’s themes are very disturbing. Where do these ideas come from?

“It’s something lovely to me and I enjoy the dark things in music. You know, technically, when you want to talk about brutality, torture, sexual sadism and so on, you can’t choose a light cover.

The lyrics and artwork in particular are violent towards women. Is that for shock value?

“Yes, they are violent … Generally, the album is a kind of psychological horror. Just like many other artists and movies and books and I think these kinds of fears and panics are beautiful. Although I have my own ideology about different subjects and they are related to the songs. For example, I don’t believe in equal rights for men and women because of many reasons that I’ve seen during my life till now and many other opinions and ideas and maybe I’m wrong about the issues but everybody has their own life. In fact, when you scare women, it is more exciting.”

You’ve listed Cannibal Corpse as a major influence. What about their music inspires you?

“Their pure brutality, recklessness about the issues, special style of music and the dark atmosphere of the lyrics were my first specific influences.”

Have you had any problems with the police or government in Iran given this type of music is often prohibited?

“I don’t have any problem with anybody… I won’t sing about politics… these kinds of genres are limited in our country.”

What does your family think of your music?

“I don’t know… I’ve never asked them about that but it seems like they don’t like death metal and I have no problem with that because people’s music tastes are personal and you can’t force anybody to listen to your style or change their minds.”

A 24-year-old doing all of this is a big undertaking. Do you have a day job as well to support your music?

“I’m a businessman and I teach guitar. Also, I study at university and I’m master student of English teaching. I have a bachelor of civil engineering degree.”

Are you in any other bands?

“I have another band called Depreciation and I’m in other bands and they have different genres and styles.”

What gear do you use?

“I use B.C Rich, Jackson and Godin Guitars, Ibanez basses, Peavey amps, Digitech pedals for my home rehearsal.”

What are some of your favourite albums of 2020 so far?

“Beneath The Massacre’s album was great and My Dying Bride’s album was not bad. Cytotoxin’s album was good. But with all due respect to the other international bands around the world, I’ve not listened to anything specific yet. We have more than two months to 2021. Let’s see what will happen.”

This interview was conducted via email, hence the minimal follow-up questions.

Eloquent Atrocity is out now

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