Italian power metallers From The Depth share new single ‘Spread Your Fire’

Italian power metallers From The Depth have shared their first single “Spread Your Fire” off their second full-length album “Moments”.

“This is a very motivational song in terms of lyrics, we always try to give good messages to our fans and this is no exception,” the band says.

“The way to find your inner strengths can be hard and full of barriers, but you don’t have to fear them, you must fight and react to reach your goals.

“The motivational mood of the lyrics perfectly fits the heavy riffing of the song without neglecting melody and the overall harmony mindset that’s our real trade-mark.”

Punchy and aggressive, fans who have been waiting since 2014’s EP “Perseverance”, are now rewarded with From The Depth’s new 10-track album.

Entitled “Moments”, the full length is a series of personal occasions in the band members’ lives that they are reliving through their music, from hard times to the anniversary of the group forming.

“’Moments’ is a way to celebrate relevant memories and episodes of everyday life while time passes by,” the band says.

“Each aspect of the production has been taken care of with extreme attention to detail from song structure to the final master; nothing has been left to chance and we did our best to get out the most from each session during songwriting.”

After years of hard times, they are now fully operational with a stable lineup, and with the new partnership with Rockshots Records, From the Depth is ready to show fans what they have been working on.

Starting as a power metal cover band with a distinct melodic mindset, From The Depth has come a long way since 2008.

Moments is out August 28 via Rockshot Records

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