LA’s Matriachs expand their sound with new single ‘Feed’

LA metalcore act Matriachs have broken their six-month silence with new single, Feed.

The brainchild of multi-instrumentalist and industrious LA hardcore vet Ben Levi (guitar, drums, production), Matriachs have been quiet since last year when they dropped Eviscerate featuring Myke Terry (Bury Your Dead, Volumes).

Feed combines down-tuned metalcore with hints of beatdown and instantly recognisable vocals. 

Chris Anguiano of metalcore act DMT lends his vocals to the track.

The band says for the uninitiated, the presence of clean vocals doesn’t mean they have resigned themselves to weak singing or bad metalcore tropes.  Think classic nü-metal meets modern metalcore, with enough hardcore influence that you won’t feel like you’re at Hot Topic circa 1994 (unless you’re into that). 

“The writing process was unique in that we (Ben Levi & Chris Anguiano) co-wrote the song and had a theme in mind going in, rather than me just sending him the instrumental and him putting vocals over it,” Levi said.

“This process definitely helped the song come out sounding focused and mature but with a really hard edge!”

Levi takes the journeyman approach seriously and has no plans to slow down anytime soon; he runs a production and ‘connect the dots’ music management firm called Five Rings Productions, a heavy music distributor and services firm Knucklehedz Inc. and is constantly working on new material for Matriachs.

Just in case you thought he was slacking, you can also find him performing guitar and drum duties in LA bands Cutthroat and Fate DeStroyed.

“The DIY ethos in hardcore is an important lesson in how you can remain creative in a musical space and not get deterred by failure and hardship,” he said.

“It’s imperative to perpetuate the DIY ethic and help it bloom in order to ensure a future for music as a creative art form and not just monetizable content. 

“It all begins with a community, the sense that there is something bigger than yourself that you are wanting to contribute to and be a part of, the sacrifice of the ego for the sake of a common dream.”

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