Lorna Shore release blackened symphonic album ‘Immortal’

Lorna Shore have released blackened symphonic album ‘Immortal’.

Drummer Austin Archey said to celebrate the release of Immortal, they have released the official music video for King Ov Deception.

“The video was shot in late 2019, by our long time collaborator Joey Durango,” he said.

“He worked hard to make us a beautiful visual for this song, and we hope you enjoy it.”

After touring North America with Fit for an Autopsy, Rivers of Nihil, The Last Ten Seconds of Life and Dyscarnate, Lorna Shore will embark on a European tour shortly after the release of the album.

Immortal features Adam De Micco on guitar, Austin Archey on drums, Andrew O’Connor on guitar and CJ McReery on vocals.

The band parted ways with McReery in December.

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