Lorna Shore still releasing new album featuring dumped vocalist

Lorna Shore will release their new album despite dumping vocalist CJ McCreery in December due to allegations of emotional abuse and racism.

The band said in a statement that it and Century Media Records are moving forward with the new album, ‘Immortal’, this month.

“Today, we are announcing that we, in conjunction with the understanding and incredibly supportive people at Century Media Records, have made the decision to release our new album, ‘Immortal’ on January 31, 2020 as planned.

“The decision was something we did not take lightly.

“We have already begun the search for a new vocalist, and we have every intention to continue Lorna Shore stronger than ever.

“Our fans and the metal community have been extremely patient through multiple delays surrounding this album.

“You’ve waited long enough.

“It makes no sense to scrap or revise the record with new vocals, which was a feeling shared by both the band and label.

“So to be clear – Lorna Shore is all systems go.

“We will have further announcements regarding a new vocalist as soon as possible.

“Europe/UK tour with Decapitated is happening.

“Don’t believe anything you hear unless you hear it from us. We won’t let you down.”

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