Lufeh share new video “Escape” from record Luggage Falling Down

Los Angeles-based progressive metallers Lufeh have shared their next video “Escape”, from their recently released record, Luggage Falling Down.

“Escape deals with the faith it takes to move out of a stagnant or unhealthy situation while still holding true to the values you identify with,” the band says.

“In true Luggage Falling Down fashion, this heavy subject is faced fearlessly and authentically with a groovy, upbeat charisma.”

Lufeh is a musical collaboration of Brazilian and American musicians brought together by drummer Batera Lufeh.

Lufeh himself has had a successful career performing with many famous Brazilian bands and artists, including one of the most well known Christian rock bands of its style, Oficina G3, among others.

In 2008, he recorded his first solo album, Drummed On Classics, which combined a mix of classical pieces with progressive rock drumming.

Luggage Falling Down is out now

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