Lufeh share new video ‘My World’

Los Angeles-based progressive metallers Lufeh have shared a new video for track ‘My World’, taken from recently released album, ‘Luggage Falling Down’.

Released in April 2020, Luggage Falling Down was a trying yet successful first recording for these recently banded musicians who lived together for two weeks throughout the process.

Having lost the original singer a month before recording began, the intrepid bunch found hope with Dennis Atlas who fell in step with the rest of the band immediately.

“My World offers a different side of the Lufeh / Luggage Falling Down sound,” drummer Lufeh Batera says.

“It’s almost a power ballad but with the rollercoaster twist and turns of a prog metal band.

“The song features a Phrygian dominant chord structure, a bulbul tarang solo, a shredding guitar solo, a funk break down, and lyrics that focus heavily on doing the right thing.

“The song could be described as ‘if a 20-minute prog epic could take place over the course of a standard 4.5-minute rock song’.”

Luggage Falling Down is out now

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