Males aged 19-24: How Slipknot marketed We Are Not Your Kind to the world

Music industry data service Music Ally has revealed how Slipknot’s team marketed their album We Are Not Your Kind to the world last year.

WANYK has been a huge commercial success, reaching number one in at least nine countries, including Australia, Belgium, Canada, Finland, Portugal, Spain, UK, Mexico and the US.

In their ‘Sandbox 2019 survey’, Music Ally reports the marketing campaign budget was set at A$18,000 – $27,000 (10,000-15,000 pounds).

The audience demographic targeted was a “core audience” of males aged 19-24, though the campaign was skewed for females as well.

The campaign was led by Warner Music Group global digital marketing manager James Booth, Roadrunner US director Paris Montoya, and Firepit Technology/5B Artist Mangement’s Francesa Gaymor.

One week before the release of Slipknot’s sixth studio album, We
Are Not Your Kind, WMG’s global marketing arm and Roadrunner US teamed up with Firepit Tech to develop 10 masks for Facebook camera consisting of each of the nine band members and one bonus mask based on a hooded figure from the “Unsainted” music video.

Launching with a video from guitarist Jim Root testing his own mask, fans were able to fire up the lens on their mobile phones and take photos and videos while wearing one of the masks with Unsainted playing in the background.

The marketing team said throughout the whole album campaign they “wanted to be innovative and let the world know that Slipknot are back, driving the album message of We Are Not Your Kind”.

“For this specifically, we re-engaged the existing fanbase (25-34) and exposed them to new technology such as AR and we were able to bring in new fans from a younger demographic (18-24).”

The post reached 8.2m users, with 887,000 engaging with the

342,000 users captured a photo or video with 33,000 sharing to their own Facebook news feed.

The top engaging markets were Mexico, US, UK, Spain and the Philippines, showing strong global exposure for the band.

This campaign drove 8000 new page likes to the band’s Facebook page.

“The press pick up on this lens was fantastic with coverage from Kerrang!, Metal Hammer, Revolver, Loudwire, NME, Billboard, Rolling Stone and more.

“Following the launch of Instagram lenses, we were able to launch this onto the band’s profile which picked up 859k impressions and 26k captures in the first week.”

View the marketing campaign here

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