Mark Morton reveals his 10 most influential albums

Lamb of God guitarist, solo artist and all round axe wizard Mark Morton has influenced a hell of a lot of players since bursting onto the scene in the 1990s. But that begs the question – who influenced him? Well, Morton recently revealed the 10 albums which had the biggest impact on him.

10. N.W.A – Straight Outta Compton

“This was the album that made me start hearing metal and rap music the same way. Heavy on the groove, intense lyrical themes with a dynamic and aggressive delivery…lots of swagger. This one is a classic.”

9. Black Sabbath – Black Sabbath

“The album that invented heavy metal…how could I not include Black Sabbath?!? Absolutely revolutionary….and still stands up 40 years later. Tony Iommi is the motherf***in’ riff god.”

8. Rolling Stones – Exile On Main Street

“Not much to explain here…easily one of the top tier greatest rock albums ever made.”

7. Mark Lanegan Band – Bubblegum

“I’ve never asked Mark about the specific stories behind these songs, but these vivid tales of palpable anxiety and despair with brief intermittent glimpses of hope feel like the life I too once led.”

6. The Black Crowes – The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion

“This album is perfect. I could talk for hours about “Sometimes Salvation” alone…perfectly “too” slow, with Marc Ford’s anxious, fuzzed out, lava oozing solo bleeding out before our eyes.”

5. Led Zeppelin – Houses Of The Holy

“My favorite album by my favorite guitarist in my favorite band…also featuring my all time favorite song.”

4. Pantera – Vulgar Display Of Power

“Needs little explanation and will likely be of no surprise to anyone that’s ever been a fan of my band…this album had a huge impact on me in terms of being a tutorial on utilizing groove in the riff…still a go-to.”

3. Slint – Spiderland

“What did you do right after high school? Record a classic album transcending genre and influencing a generation of bands to follow? Me neither. Cinematic, suspenseful and hypnotic in its brilliance. I love this LP.”

2. Sparklehorse – Vivadixiesubmarinetransmissionplot

“This album taught me that music is, in fact, art. Sonic landscapes and portraits invoking all the senses, these songs smell like Oregon Hill, honeysuckle and opening an old guitar case.”

1. Breadwinner – Burner

“This album pretty much single handedly changed the way I listened to music and completely transformed my ambitions for what I wanted to do with my own music.”

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