Masked mutants of Creepsylvania Ghoul release ‘The Nectarnomicon’

Everyone’s favourite masked mutants, Ghoul, are back with “The Nectarnomicon”, a slime drenched single slab of atonal protoplasm straight from the stygian bowels of Creepsylvania.

When roused from a jenkem induced slumber for comment, guitarist and vocalist Digestor said, “Huh? We recorded that like four years ago. It’s just coming out now?!”

And while you’re being worked into a frenzy for more sweet, delicious, online Ghoul content, check out the official Ghoul YouTube channel for advice, cooking recipes, aimless wandering, and more.

Find out what all your favourite characters have been up to while the entire world crumbles around your ankles! Wow!
Enjoy video games? Sure, we all don’t! So why not join TheRealDigestor and DissectorGhoul on Twitch Saturday nights at 9pm PST and watch as they get mercilessly slaughtered over and over and over in Far Cry 5, Mad Max, and whatever bass fishing game was free that week.
Expect more missives from the depths of Creepsylvania in the weeks to come.

The Nectarnomicon is out now via Bandcamp

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