Mayhem’s logo censored to appease Christians

Mayhem’s logo has apparently been censored on a Russian tour poster in an attempt to appease the strong Christian population.

The poster for the band’s January 18 show at Tele Club in Yekaterinburg is missing their trademark inverted crosses.

Strangely, four Leviathan Crosses, which are associated with Satanism, remain in the borders.

Mayhem guitarist Teloch (Morten Bergeton Iversen) posted a photo of the doctored poster on his Instagram with the caption ‘Censured’.

The original tour poster (left) and the altered poster that Teloch put on Instagram (right).

It is unknown who changed the logo, but one theory is that promoters are attempting to limit backlash to the Norwegian black metal band’s visit.

Polish black metal band Behemoth were due to play in Yekaterinburg in 2014 before they were arrested, deported and banned from Russia for five years.

About 41 per cent of citizens follow the Russian Orthodox Church, a Christian denomination, according to a 2012 survey.

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