Melbourne producer enlists Fear Factory, Imonolith members for blazing track ‘Anxiety’

Melbourne musician and producer Mike Trubetskov has enlisted members of Fear Factory, Imonolith and FS Projekt to play on his studio project, The Overcoming Project.

On new track, Anxiety, Trubetskov plays guitars, Fear Factory’s Mike Heller is on drums, Imonolith’s Jon Howard handles vocals and FS Projekt’s Sergei “Efes” Fomin plays bass.

Trubetskov, who is a guitarist and PhD and runs EOL Studios in Melbourne, composed the track and handled all the production and mixing.

Tony Mantz mastered the track at Deluxe Mastering and the lyric video was produced by Andy Pilkington at Very Metal Art.

Regarding the song, Trubetskov says: “Anxiety depicts a psychedelic journey towards defeating one’s deepest fears, with blast beats, on an extreme edge of the consciousness.”

Anxiety is out now on streaming platforms

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