Metal United Down Under 2020 booked for October

The seventh installment of Metal United Down Under (MUDU) has been booked for October 24.

This year’s MUDU was planned for April 4 but due to COVID-19 it was postponed.

Promoter Michael Lueders said now restrictions were easing in most states, live gigs were a possibility again.

“Lets hope we continue on this path of controlled cases and Victoria can join in.

“Now, we try to avoid clashing with other local festivals and festivities.

“There are so many. But as our name states, Metal United Down Under, is the motto: to unite the metal communities without working against each other! We hope our efforts are successful!”

Confirmed locations are Adelaide, Perth and Port Pirie.

Metal United Down Under promoter Michael Luedens.

Metal United Down Under (MUDU) is an initiative first starting in 2014 by Lueders from online music publication Metal-Roos to create a united annual event within Australia that encompasses a wide range of metal and heavy music genres.

With participation open to anyone who shares a passion for the music, the annual national event extends out over several cities and towns all over Australia on the same day under the MUDU banner.

MUDU helps to offer bands a platform to promote and perform their music live on stage with a strong focus on local underground Australian acts, with a various number of acts all sharing the stage across the country.

The success of the annual event has since spawned a worldwide version, Metal United World Wide, where the same idea is shared across the world in various countries uniting all in their support for heavy music.

Lueders also said after releasing two physical compilations in 2017 and 2018, they have decided to go digital with Bandcamp compilations.

“Since COVID-19 moved almost everything to the digital lands, a digital MUDU compilation makes sense.

“That’s where you can now tune into Australian Metal: MUDU compilations Volume III and Volume IV on Bandcamp.

“Experience 64 amazing songs from a wide range of genres. Get over to Black-Roos Entertainment’s new Bandcamp page and check out the music!

“Unite again for one night across our great Southern Lands and celebrate Heavy F Metal!

“We shall make it one massive showcase of the best local talent we have.”

MUDU compilations are out now via Bandcamp

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