MIGHT ready to release eponymous debut album

German avant doom/shoegaze duo MIGHT will release their eponymous debut album through Exile On Mainstream this week.
MIGHT is the newly formed project created by married couple Ana Muhi (vocals, bass) and Sven Missullis (guitars, vocals, drums), who set out to record their debut in their own studio in March 2020 as the COVID-19 pandemic was rapidly engulfing the planet.

The raw energy, subtleness and fragility of the songs get pulled into a wake deeply influenced by the state of the outside world.

Throughout the album, one can read out different questions and approaches relating to the state of the world as of today: a dichotomy between emotional safety and discomfort, between rage, despair, and hope becomes the common theme.

MIGHT is ready for shows and will hit the road as soon as clubs reopen.

Expect an extraordinaire concept: visual projections will become part of the live shows much more than their usual purpose as an illustration.

Missullis will play as a virtual drummer with his own guitar-playing self on the same stage.

MIGHT is out July 17 via Exile on Mainstream

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