Mora Prokaza stream new album in full

Extreme avantgarde duo Mora Prokaza has shared the full stream of their upcoming album, ‘By Chance’, ahead of the July 3 release.

The up and coming Belarusian experimental duo combine the sounds of black metal with the street vibes of trap, tinges of industrial, and out-of-the-box instrumentation.

“This album is a journey through human consciousness and perception,” the band says.

“This is art and everyone will understand it in their own way.

“There are a couple of things to comment on. There are two official state languages in Belarus.

“Our people speak Belarusian and Russian. An album in Russian with elements of English.

“You can open your soul and express pure emotion only in the language you think.

“The album is not an experiment, but the result of interweaving of environment, cultures, attitude and personal preferences.

“This is self-development and moving forward in what you do.

“The main thing to understand is that people in Eastern Europe make music just because they want to make music.

“People here do not make money on music. They make music. And this is the most important thing in the album and in a whole music creation.”


1. WIMG (2:41) (WATCH HERE)
2. Im Not Yours (3:39) (WATCH HERE)
3. Check It (3:36) (WATCH HERE)
4. Im A Human (2:41)
5. I See It This Way (6:08)
6. Madonna (3:19)
7. Be There (3:30)
8. Sorry Man (3:11)
9. Blacker Than Black (3:01)
Total playing time: 31:46

By Chance is out July 3 via Season of Mist

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