New Brisbane blackened death artist Orbyssmal releases EP ‘Impostomb’

New Brisbane blackened death metal artist Orbyssmal has released EP, ‘Impostomb’.

Out on April 15, Impostomb is comprised of six tracks of pure, raw Australian blackened death.

Little is known about Orbyssmal other than the one person handles everything, from guitars, bass, drums and vocals to mixing, mastering and cover art.

It all began in December 2019 with a demo, followed shortly by the LP, ‘Abstracthorrific’, in January.

According to the artist, “Orbyssmal is not your friend.  In the sharp, deliberate space of a hectic and distorted 16 minutes, this album is an acute reminder, that black metal is a visceral experience, and can feel acutely personal.

“An instant burst of purposeful energy with little grace for soft edges, Impostomb is the third offering.

“The world snatched out from under your feet, bound, transported; instantly all you know is chaos, as you are immersed in a soundscape of madness and despair.”

Impostomb is out now here.

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