New Melbourne group Dweller release second single from upcoming EP ‘White Rabbit’

New Melbourne band Dweller have released the second single Devil You Know from their upcoming EP ‘White Rabbit’.

The group delves deep into the abyss of navigating the social plagues inherent in humanity’s current mode.

The five-piece bring hyperactive, emotionally driven music with attitude, immensely frustrated and angry, within the duality of the pursuit of tranquillity.

After releasing their first single It Lives, It Breathes earlier in the year, the band are back to bring the world their debut EP ‘White Rabbit’.

The metalcore band’s sound has been likened to acts such as Polaris, Architects, Periphery, Erra, Northlane, Silent Planet and more.

According to the band, White Rabbit is: “An endless passage to the unknown, a place where madness becomes sanity, the potential to change our world, following rabbits down holes and emerging reborn, fracturing perceptions as our reality begins to crack.

“A concept initially birthed out of an identity crisis, where individuality can become toxic and letting go of the self imperative, a deep need for self interest to become social interest, through the struggle of existing alien like in a completely upside down world, attributed to the deeply flawed precondition we have created in ourselves over thousands of years, an obsession with human evolution and an understanding that nothing exists irrespective of environment and the problems that plague our time are merely symptoms born out of an outdated social structure.”

White Rabbit is out May 22

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