Novena, featuring Haken’s Ross Jennings, announce new album

UK progressive metal/rock act Novena have announced their new album ‘Eleventh Hour’ will be out March 6.

Along with this news, they have released the new single, Indestructible.

“The essence of the Indestructible video is one of voyeurism,” guitarist/keyboardist Harrison White says.

“We watch someone watching something.

“What they see, and what we see, is often unpleasant; yet, we find entertainment in it.

“I love storytelling, and as such I enjoy music videos which include a narrative element to support the artwork.

“However, due to my own interpretation of the story of the song, I wanted to avoid a literal representation of the content on screen.

“Instead, much like in the Disconnected video, I wanted to select a series of motifs which evoke a significant moment in the life of the character, adding colour and shape to the story, whilst leaving the door open as to what it signifies.

“The audience can bring to the images their own story.

“Indestructible is, at its core, about the follies of escapism.

“Trauma is an agile predator, and no matter how fast you may run, or how well you may hide, it will not cease its pursuit until you turn to face it.

“Hedonism, indulgence, and debauchery are often the product of a troubled mind; which in itself is no sin, but where might they lead if never challenged?”

Novena exploits fully the skills of their line-up: Ross Jennings’ (HAKEN) and Gareth Mason’s (Slice The Cake) vocals, Dan Thornton’s (Ex-HAARP Machine, Ex-No Sin Evades His Gaze) guitar, Cameron Spence’s (Ravenface) drumming, Moat Lowe’s (Slugdge, Ex-NSEHG) bass, and Harrison White’s guitar and keys.

Novena established themselves on the UK and international prog scenes in 2016 with the release of their experimental EP ‘Secondary Genesis’ and is now ready for a comeback with their sophomore release, ‘Eleventh Hour’.

Performing at UK Tech Fest 2016 and 2017, as well as other dates supporting Skyharbor, Vola, Sithu Aye, Novena has been busy.

‘Eleventh Hour’ follows the last days of several characters who, whilst separated by space and time, are connected by something greater, says White.

Novena’s music moves from the profound to the profane, from the fragile to the unforgiving, and from the introspective to the utterly destructive, exploring a plethora of different genres along the way.

Novena are ready to embark on a tour in support to the spring release of the new album.

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