Obscura lose guitarist, bassist and drummer

German progressive outfit Obscura have announced guitarist Rafael Trujillo, bassist Linus Klausenitzer and drummer Sebastian Lanser are parting ways with the band “due to musical differences”.

The band, now just founder, songwriter, vocalist and guitarist Steffen Kummerer, released a statement recently saying the three are moving on with their new group, Obsidious.

“Firstly, I would like to thank our former members Rafael Trujillo, Linus Klausenitzer and Sebastian Lanser for their dedication during the last years,” he stated.

“Now, 2020, a new chapter for Obscura begins with entering Woodshed Studios this summer to produce our sixth full-length record, and the first album for our new label Nuclear Blast.

“The new lineup will be revealed shortly.”

Also in the statement, the three former members left some parting words.

Trujillo said: “I’m really thankful for the amazing experiences I have made over the last couple of years and all people who have supported me on that path. Leaving something behind opens new opportunities.”

Klausenitzer said: “No one except Steffen has been in the band longer than I have, so you can imagine that this was not an easy decision for me. However, for us, this is the beginning of a musical journey that I’m sure you will enjoy.”

Lanser said: “Time has come for me to move on and pursue new musical adventures. A big “Thank You” to all our fans around the world for the amazing support – You Rock! I am sure we will meet again at some point in the future.”

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