Opeth announce local supports for Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane

December will see Opeth performing a set of classic tracks and new material from their 30-year career for Australian audiences and joining them are three of Australia’s most prominent prog acts.

After years of evolution and amassing worldwide influence due their unique sound, Voyager have been announced as Perth supports.

Their latest album ‘Colours In The Sun’ was released in November.

Then Melbourne can witness alternative progressive rock powerhouse Circles open the show.

The intricacy, the emotional heartstring-pull of the lyrics, the precision, and the sheer force of their output places them in a class of their own.

While in Brisbane, a band who are at the forefront of the Australian progressive scene, Caligula’s Horse are sharing the stage.

With four albums under their belt and a passionate fanbase, Caligula’s Horse are also broadening their horizons to the rest of the globe.

Their 2017 release ‘In Contact’ debuted at #50 on the ARIA Chart, bringing Caligula’s Horse into the ARIA Top 50 for the first time.

Opeth tour Australia December 10 – 15 and tickets are available now.

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