Red Cain release new single “Demons” from upcoming record Kindred: Act II

Canada’s Red Cain have released new single “Demons” from upcoming record, Kindred: Act II.

The band says the new single explores a demon summoning gone horribly right.

“In what is becoming a tradition, we remember our roots and continue our romp through “Kindred: Act II” with this goth rock anthem evocative of the delicious, bloody melancholy of Charon, 69 Eyes, Lord of the Lost, with a touch of Sisters of Mercy lost between the lines.

“This was a super fun track to write and play.

“It flowed naturally for us, and we put it into music with minimal changes – and haven’t stopped enjoying it since.

“Best consumed ice-cold, on moonlit night drives, an eldritch, forgotten places – with bloody abandon. Feast, friends!”

The spiritual successor to the previous album’s “Juliet”, “Demons” hits hard and heavy in the best goth rock fashion, layering brazen up-front guitar riffs with a groovy electronic backing and pulsing bassline – the foundation to the age-old baritone-voiced gothic tale of a man looking to the dark side for power – and finding a wild ride.

Kindred: Act II is out October 2020

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