Satyricon bassist Anders Odden undergoing surgery for colon cancer

Satyricon bassist Anders Odden has revealed he is undergoing surgery for his colon cancer in a few days.

Odden took to social media to detail his battle with cancer, saying doctors are positive about the surgery on January 6.

“The doctors have told me that everything will go as planed and that I will get rid of this cancer.

“It’s a tough journey, but I am ready.

“Have a happy new year and I will see you when I am through.”

He received the diagnosis on October 3, 2019 and began chemotherapy “to shrink the tumour down”.

Odden said he intended to reveal more about his condition after surgery but a video from his friend, who has been fundraising for cancer research, changed his mind.

“On my musical hero Lemmy’s death date (28.12.2015) my friend Hank Von Hell is in Sweden raising money for the cancer cause with Motorhead drummer Micky Dee.

“Getting this video was very touching and made me wanna share it with you to raise money for cancer research.”

People can donate to Odden’s charity of choice on his Facebook post or here.

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