Silverstein celebrating 20 years with new album in March

Silverstein are celebrating their 20th anniversary with the release of their ninth album, ‘A Beautiful Place To Drown’, on March 6.

The Ontario-based post-hardcore legends have today shared the lead single/video, Infinite, featuring Underoath’s Aaaron Gillespie.

Vocalist Shane Told, guitarists Paul Marc Rousseau and Josh Bradford, bassist Billy Hamilton and drummer Paul Koehler see the landmark as a time to appreciate how far they’ve come, while also channeling all those years of experience into something new.

“The best way to honour the anniversary is to keep doing what got us this far,” Rousseau said.

“Being adventurous has always been part of what the band does – we keep focusing on moving forward.”

A Beautiful Place To Drown finds the five-piece balancing their core sound – an intensely dynamic mix of melody and aggression, rooted in the energy of hardcore punk and the earnestness of emo – with their natural growth as songwriters and evolving inspirations.

Recorded with producer/engineer Sam Guaiana, the album’s twelve tracks blend vibrant contemporary sonics with walls of distorted guitars and pummelling drums.

“It’s harder to gauge success these days but we’re still making what we believe is our best music,” Told said.

“It’s nice to know that we’ve survived and we did it in a way that feels right.”

Track listing:

01. Bad Habits (ft. Intervals)
02. Burn It Down (ft. Caleb Shomo)
03. Where Are You
04. Infinite (ft. Aaron Gillespie)
05. Shape Shift
06. All On Me
07. Madness (ft. Princess Nokia)
08. Say Yes
09. Stop
10. September 14th
11. Coming Down
12. Take What You Give (ft. Pierre Bouvier)

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