Single review: Cam Bird – The Devil’s Hands

Cam Bird doesn’t waste time trying to create the next hit, he delivers songs from the heart.

The Devil’s Hands spits out dark energy, navigating between hard rock and thrash metal, crunchy riffs, epic solos and deep lyrics. Cam Bird is the tip of the iceberg but his music shows everything that is below it – emotions, fears, wishes and dreams.

Bird doesn’t waste his time trying to create the next disposable hit, he writes music that connects with people and delivers songs from the heart. The way they are played and recorded is meticulous. He puts his soul out together with his lungs when singing his songs, resembling Mike Patton from Faith No More. Everything is an extension of himself.

In every person’s darkest moments, music can become the antidote to bring us back to see the light and give us a reason to live again. It could be an album, one track, a chorus or even a single verse within a song and Bird has been drawing all his energy into music in order to create that dose that could heal us all.

As Bird says: “If I can change one person’s life in the same way music changed mine, I’d experience a tremendous sense of legacy knowing that I carried the flame forward.”

FFO: Soundgarden, Metallica, Faith No More


The Devil’s Hands is out now.

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